Chiang Mai Thailand, Here We Come!

We are heading to Chiang Mai Thailand in July 2016 for a 3 month stay to study Thai Massage Therapy!

We’ve bought our tickets and put the deposit down on the Sunshine Massage School where I will be attending and learning from Thai Masters all the secret tricks of the trade!

We are so excited it will be my first trip out of the states in a very long time and I first time ever traveling Abroad with Children.

Please follow us here as we share our photos, Moments and thoughts with friends and loved ones.

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Thai Yoga Massage and Therapeutics

Friday marked the end of a 2 month long training at the Sunshine Massage School in Chiang Mai Thailand. With over 200 long hours of studying and even more in practice, I have completed my first round of Thai Massage Training (Often referred to in the US as Thai Yoga Therapeutics). Along with this training included An overview of the 3 basic lines and 10 Major Sen Lines, Herbal Treatment and Steambath, and 60 hours of Therapeutic Massage Technique with Suriyan Punyafoo, where we practiced over 20 protocols for the most common ailments. Which include Breathing techniques for the practitioner and patient, alignment, and the Thai Pressure Points for relieving Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Leg and ankle pain due to previous or even unknown injuries. We also covered Migraines, Menstruation pain, Stomach issues and wrist, hand and finger problems.
So much Information, So much new Knowledge and understanding of the human body and basic needs! This took Yoga and Healing to a whole new level!!
I am super excited to get home and start working with all my stiff injured hard working friends and family in  the US… Even if you do not have a physical ailment Thai Massage will make you feel so much better! Imagine a relaxing massage in comfortable lounging clothes Sprawled out on a futon mattress propped up with comfy pillows beginning at your toes and ending at your hair follicle with nothing but Love and the healing Touch for about 90 minutes or so… A traditional Thai Massage lasts about 2 hours but knowing how busy us Americans are… we can make them shorter!!!
I am now working on updating and creating a Massage Menu with prices and descriptions. I will be available for house calls but am also in the process of seeking out a couple venues… Message me if you have any ideas please!
I look forward to seeing you all real soon. Sessions start in November after Halloween since we will just be getting re accustomed to the US life again!
From the words of my teacher
“I Will Try My Best to Make You Feel Better!”
Kap Koon Kah, Mahalo, Namaste and Thank You!

Love and Light


Your Support and Love is Appreciated

This coming July the kids and I are going on a 3 month journey To Thailand. I will be studying Thai Massage At The Sunshine Massage School in Chiang Mai.
Thai Massage also known as Thai Yoga Therapuetics is a huge part of Restorative Yoga. It is a 2500 year old therapeutic BodyWork rooted from the Indian Healing practices of Ayurveda and Yoga. Jivaka Kumbarbhaccha, known as the father and founder of Thai Massage, a doctor and a Yogi performed this healing Bodywork on the Buddha himself!
During a Thai Yoga Massage the practitioner guides the patient through a series of Assisted Yoga Postures while thumbing and palming along the body’s “sen” energy lines and pressure points. This massage is done on a mat on the floor and is known to release toxins, boost the immune system, relieve muscular tension and balance the body energetically as a whole.
I Will be offering this new Therapy along side my Yoga teachings and Reiki Practice.
We have bought the plane tickets and put the deposit down for the school.
I will be out of work for the three months there and still have to pay the bills at home along with tuition, a rental in Thailand and Childcare.
Rawgasm101 has just launched a new website and you can find the services I offer there. If you cannot donate to this cause please come on over to the website and sign up for a private Reiki or Yoga session with me or purchase a Beautiful one of a kind piece of Healing Jewelry! Or have one designed for you.
We are super excited for this trip and grow more anxious every day!
lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu
May all beings everywhere be happy and Free!
Cynthia, Quentin and Sofia

Sunshine Massage School