The Healing Powers of Crystals

Crystals, Natural Stones and various types of Metals have many Healing and Therapeutic Properties, both Metaphysical and Physical.
For Centuries, Various Cultures have been adorning themselves for both ceremonial and healing purposes with Semi-Precious Stones.
The Necklaces made by Rawgasm are all handmade and imbued with Love and Reiki healing vibrations. All the materials are 100% natural and Vegan Friendly!

Some Inspiration to Choose From

Choose from one of our designs or Create your Own. Various Metals and stones of all different shapes, and textures to choose from. If it is a Birthstone, an energy Healing Stone or just a fancy stone of your choice we probably have what you are looking for. Just email us at and we will gladly design a piece that fits and soothes your needs and style. Of course we will need more time to create and prepare since our pieces are all one of a kind so please be patient, We promise you will be Satisfied!

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