Trying this out… My mind is racing at full speed and I can feel the Power of the FULL MooN Coming In On Me and taking its full Effect! Children… How can You be so Alone and Not at the same time? I get so Overwhelmed@! I do not know if I am truly a Good Mom, By the time it is time to go to bed I am Exhausted! it takes a few Hours to get those Monsters asleep… Quentin has been going thru a Zombie Phase for the past year or so and I have been hearing that A lot of other boys around his age go thru the same Phase… Well They are the True Zombies!!! Draining the Life and Patience right out of me. I feel like a monster! Is it so hard to just Shut The F*@# Up and Sleep so that Mommy can get some time for her own thoughts and needs as well? Gawd! I cannot even read a book to them to help them calm down and rest a little because my patience run out and has turned to Anger and the Brink of Rage… bUT it really is not that Serious… I know all they may need is a story or two…They are my sweet Angels and Favorite People in the WHOLE Wide Universe!!! I only want to comfort, Support and Love Them and tend to their Every need… I Love them more than anything to the Moon and Beyond Infinity times Infinity and back!
Here is where I am suppose to get Vulnerable… well, I am putting it out there right now!!! So Here I Am World! Vulnerable and Beautiful and Living it Up!!!

I did not know this is where i would be at 38 years old. Still sounds and Is so young… But I miss my Youth… If I ever really had one, maybe this is my youth now, a mother, A Healer, A “BossLady” or even ” Quentin’s QUEEN” He said something that had upset  me while I was truing to get them to bed, and i told him that what he said in the tone he said it was not a nice way to talk to me and that it really burt my feelings, AND He said, “MY QUEEN!? Is that what I should Call You?” “Yes of course,” I said, “I will Always be your Queen, and you my Prince!” It is such a sweet sound when he refers to me as “My Queen,” Sounds so True and Loving!
My house is a mess and my mind is overwhelmed… They kind of represent each other, Again i use the Chaos of The Coming Full Moon as the Reason for everything to be as it is.
Emotions, Seasons, Weather… it can all point to the Waxing Moon that has Arisen.

I just freaked out a little because i went to look for something and could not find it for a few minutes or so… When I started getting a little panicky and then was like, Are you really that co dependent on this object? I found it…
Is it God taking care of me? My higher self…? So many questions… How can I find the answers? Am i just on a search  for truth? are we all on that path? Does It matter? Does it make a difference? Where is this Vortex i have heard Abraham speak of? and isn’t Abraham in the bible? how or does he/she relate to Abraham Hicks? Who… How do I find my path? My Purpose, I am pretty sure I am on the right path and there have been things placed in front of me to look upon, want upon, dream pray and wish upon… I have a beautiful house, a relaxed porch and soon an amazing back courtyard to rest within… I have to get motivated, find Love, Peace, Prosperity, Financial Freedom! I am ready to Heal! Others as well as myself… I would like to heal Myself through others, Is that a contradiction?
I am so inspired by others at this moment in life, and right now, I feel like I have found my very first Modern Day Heroes… Through Social Media which actually stemmed through Young Living… It’s true. The Women that have helped create this path… Mimi for giving me the oils for my birthday, Aja for Confirming my interest, Bella for signing me up and giving me so much Massage Love, to Going to Thailand on my own Free Will and Need for Purpose and Finding… Michelle for the Reiki, Carrie for the Vision, Natasha For the Courage, Kassidy for the LOVE, Karla for the Meaning, Maggie for the memories, Eleanore for the finer Humbleness in life, and fast forward to the Ladies who are turning my head in this crazy #mompretreneur Business now Lindsey Teague, Casey Weigand, Sarah Harnisch, Bless your little Christian Soul! Gosh… Make Me remember my childhood, my Beliefs, My Culture, My Path…ANd make me Question even more… Not that I Question much… I believe in The Law of Attraction and the Higher Self, My Higher Self… I understand the power of the Law of Attraction and Karma… Buddhism, Zen, The 8 Paths of Yoga…I cannot say that I agree on much, religion, politics,  faith, the power of thought… WAR… But I do have Love, Peace, Understanding, Hope, and a Gentle Healing Soul… Sometimes I may seem cruel or cold, or lost, or basically Miss.understood….

Another stray cat on my front porch, ofcourse I will feed you… Are you the cat who got into a fight with the other cat that my children consider theirs… am i offending Her by feeding you too?

So many concerns… I Just want everyone to be happy and feel Love and be Free….